1.    General

General Terms and Conditions of the internet shop for business partners (B2B) are in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), recommendations of Slovenian Chamber Of Commerce (GZS) and The Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1). (ZEKom-1). In such cases, where General Terms And Conditions do not specify or is inconsistent with the aforementioned acts, the statutory provisions prevail. General terms and conditions of HERMI d.o.o. apply to all purchases as well.

Internet shop https://b2b.hermi.si (hereinafter Hermi B2B) is managed by HERMI d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 15, 3000 Celje, VAT ID number SI 42726867, national identification number 1683306000, hereinafter Operator.

We advise you to carefully read General Terms and Conditions before using the internet shop. By using the Hermi B2B internet shop you automatically agree with the aforementioned conditions. If you do not agree with General Terms and Conditions we ask you not to use Hermi B2B internet shop. HERMI d.o.o. reserves the right to change the conditions of internet shop at any time. All changes apply and are binding for all customers, therefore we advise you to regularly check the General Terms and Conditions. 

The Operator is a vendor who sells products only to legal entities (companies) through the internet shop.

2.    Registration

In order to use Hermi B2B internet shop, registration is mandatory at https://b2b.hermi.si website, where visitor fills out and submits the registration form. The Operator then activates the user account after checking the applicant's business details and their confirmation of general terms and conditions. By registering, the visitor confirms and guarantees that they are a legal representative of the company or that they are authorized by the legal representative to make purchase/sales contracts using information technology. 

3.    Ordering process

All purchase orders for products offered by HERMI are accepted by mail, e-mail or through B2B internet shop. Both parties agree that the purchase orders sent by electronic communications channels are considered as written purchase order. Registration is mandatory to enter Hermi B2B internet shop where the customer is provided with login data. The user selects the desired item by clicking on the »Add to basket« button. The item is then saved in the shopping cart. A multitude of items can be saved in the shopping cart. To complete the order the user must click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the internet shop to open the complete list of selected items stored in the shopping cart. At this point, it is still possible to edit order quantities or remove items from the shopping cart. By clicking »Checkout« button the purchasing process is moved to the next step where the user must check the order summary, choose payment and delivery method and confirm the order by clicking »Confirm order« button. When the order is submitted successfully, the user receives a notification in the internet shop and an order confirmation e-mail (purchase contract) is sent to the user containing purchase order details. If a notification in internet shop does not appear to the user and an email with purchase order details is not received, then it is a sign of either a technical error or the user failed to insert the correct details during the registration or ordering process. The user can repeat the process or contact HERMI d.o.o. by email at support@hermi-solutions.com or by phone on +386 3 426 06 40. The same contacts are to be used to report possible errors or inconsistencies in the submitted purchase order.

All information about the status and content of purchase order is at the user's disposal at any time in »Purchase history«. The operator reserves the right to contact the user by phone when necessary to ensure the accuracy of delivery.

4.    Delivery

The following delivery methods apply:

•    Parcel service (additional cost for the user, depends on the size and weight of the parcel)

•    Personal pick up

5.    Limitation of liability

The Operator is continuously doing his best to ensure the information in the internet shop is up to date. However, the possibility remains that the properties, stock or price of the product are changed so quickly that the Operator is not able to refresh the information in the internet shop on time. In this case, the user will be informed of the changes and will have the right to cancel the purchase order or will be offered a suitable replacement. All photos are symbolic and do not guarantee the quality of the product. 

We reserve the right to disable the internet shop or disable the access to it due to technical issues or other maintenance issues. In case of technical issues, we reserve the right to cancel submitted purchase orders affected by the technical issue. Is such case the users will be informed of the issue in the shortest possible time and will be presented with further steps. The User must ensure the proper protection of his equipment (antivirus etc.) before accessing and using the internet shop. The User must also ensure the protection and confidentiality of the information needed to login to the internet shop (e-mail, password).  

6.    Complaints and disputes

The Operator complies with the current consumer protection legislation.

In case of complaints, disputes, problems the customer should contact the Operator by phone (phone number: +386 3 426 06 50) or by e-mail (e-mail address: support@hermi-solutions.com). Complaints are to be submitted in written form by e-mail at support@hermi-solutions.com. The procedure for handling the complaint is confidential.

The Operator will respond to all complaints by e-mail or by phone within the shortest possible time and within the legal obligations according to the type of complaint.

Both parties agree to consensually resolve the possible disputes from this contractual relationship. When reaching the agreement is not possible, the court of Celje is competent to judge a dispute.